Podcasts allow you to take Ambassador Huggins with you wherever you go using any data enabled mobile device (i.e., tablet or smartphone with a data plan). You can listen to episodes of The Prophet’s House and The In Him Minute at your convenience. Plug in your earbuds to get a daily devotional while doing your morning workout, or sync your phone to your car stereo to listen while driving to work.

Android devices and iPhones both come with podcast apps pre-installed, so all you have to do is click one of the links below (using your mobile device that is), then subscribe. New episodes by Ambassador Huggins will show up on your device automatically as they’re published. And, it’s all FREE!

If you already use a different app to subscribe to podcasts, then just search for “The Prophet’s House,” or “The In Him Minute.” If they’re not listed, let us know and we’ll work at getting Ambassador Huggins added to that app’s directory.

The Prophet's House Podcast

The In Him Minute Podcast