Ambassador Larry Huggins, D.D., is a prophet of grace. People around the world and across the USA can attest that few ministers of this generation can match the efficacy, clarity, and transformative power of Ambassador Huggins experienced voice. Ambassador Huggins — Husband, father, Pastor/founder of Zoom Church, author, teacher, broadcaster — resides in Barcelona, Spain, with his beautiful and anointed wife, Loretta.
a candid photo of Loretta Huggins
Loretta Huggins
Loretta Huggins, B.A., Wife, mother, Pastor/founder of Zoom Church, author, teacher, broadcaster, was raised in a Christian family, and she remained faithful to the church and strong in faith throughout her life. From an early age, people bore witness of the prophetic mantle upon her life. After a stellar, international, career in Haute Couture, the Holy Spirit lifted Loretta into her present-day ministry. Loretta Huggins is known for her wit, wisdom, and compelling gifts. Ambassador Larry and Loretta Huggins are available to minister at your next event, individually or as a team. Inquire at info@zchurch.life. Get your invitation to Zoom Church: https://zchurch.life/2526/