All over the world millions of people hunger to experience the supernatural; they yearn for a touch of the divine. But tragically, millions are seeking spiritual fulfillment in all the wrong places and in all the wrong ways.

Author Larry Huggins knows this heartfelt emotion from firsthand experience. Before he met Jesus Christ as his Savior, he was committed to experimenting with a smorgasbord of spiritual beliefs that eventually brought him into the clutches of demonic powers – and almost cost him his life.

But when Huggins met Jesus, he discovered another power, a greater power – the power of the Blood of the Lamb. Learn the amazing reality of the life in Jesus’ Blood, why it was shed, and how it works for you today to bring:

  • Healing and Health
  • Forgiveness of sins
  • Victorious Christian living
  • Prosperity and true success

Reverend Larry Huggins will encourage you to walk in the Spirit or walk with God on a daily basis. He shows how to involve God in your daily decisions, small and large. Through following God’s leading on a consistent basis, you will learn His ways and directives. With a solid scriptural basis, Rev. Huggins explains how to understand the various ways God leads His children including: Faith in His Word His still small voice Praying in the Spirit Asking God. Rev. Huggins’ easy-going style, humorous practical applications, and simple, yet profound principles will delight and encourage you. Your spiritual life will be greatly enhanced by the understanding of God’s desire to help you and fellowship with you.

Before His crucifixion, Jesus had one final meal with His disciples. It was there that He commanded them, “This do in remembrance of me.” They took His words to heart and made communion a regular event in their homes and worship services. Communion was the foundation of their growth and unity during troubled times. In The Cup of Blessing, world evangelist and teacher Larry Huggins, shares powerful moments from his family’s communion celebrations, as well as practical advice on preparing for communion in the family setting. Teaching on the relevance of communion in a Christian’s life, Larry provides a great foundation to understand its significance and importance. Included in this handbook are complete themed outlines to help you start sharing communion with your family. Each outline includes: -Dynamic Scriptures to read and study -Thought-provoking questions for open discussion -Summaries to wrap up the study Bring significance to your family’s walk with God and begin personal communion experiences today. You’ll be amazed as God’s blessings manifest while your family unites around the Lord’s Table!

Written to help with the discovery, understanding and walking in the fullness of who we are in Christ. The authors join forces to walk us through the Bible discovering the IN HIM scriptures that identify who we are, what we have and what we can do through Christ.