ZChurch is partnering with Good News International to bring clean, safe water to the people of Nigeria.

Water sustains life. Without water, everything dies. Clean water saves lives and provides a better quality of life. Today, 785 million people (that’s 1 out of 9) lack access to safe water. Two billion people (1 out of 3) lack access to improved sanitation.

According to Good News International, 57 million people in Nigeria do not have access to clean water. Only 26.5% of the population use improved drinking water sources and sanitation facilities. More than 70,000 children under the age of 5 die each year due to poor water and sanitation.

Simply put, water saves lives and the wells being provided by Good News International are a powerful witnessing tool of God’s love in action. This gives an open door to minister the Good News of Jesus Christ.

Water saves lives – Jesus saves souls.

ZChurch is committed to raising $5,000 to provide a well for “Village of Warriors,” Abaa Logun, Nigeria. This will be ZWell #2, the second well gifted to the people of Nigeria by the supporters of ZChurch.

We invite you to join us as we pursue this life-changing mission. When you contribute, it is as if you are handing a cup of water to a thirsty world. Jesus said, “You will not lose your reward.” There is a blessing to those who are generous and compassionate.

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