• We just learned that our daughter, Sharman, is suicidal. She's been hospitalized for this in the past, but seemed to be stable for the last ten years or so. She hasn't been sleeping, and has been trying different meds for this with no success, so this may be contributing to the problem. The last time she was this way, doctors put her on a med that was miraculous in its effect and an answer to prayer. I look at it like insulin or the like: some people benefit from being on meds as well as prayer. In any case, Cindy and I are praying and need your prayers too. Sharman did, by the way, come to the Lord as a child. She's drifted, and I pray daily for her and my other children to draw back near to Him
  • Please pray for my mother, for her health, for the health and prosperity of my family
  • Pray for the Cross Out Sin, Sickness, and Debt live event. Pray for many people to be blessed as we nail their needs to the cross, Dec. 5-6.
  • Please pray for the scar tissue on my brain to be total and supernaturally removed.
  • Well, here goes, 3 nights ago when I went to go to bed, I could still hear fine but my ears were ringing quite loudly. When I woke up I was very close to being totally deaf.l was taken down to 2 specialist The first one did machine tests on both ears to record every way both of my ears could hear. Then I went to the specialist and he said that, about the tests, that 3 things were.possible after seeing the results of the previous tests.1) that my hearing might come back to close to my original hearing 2) that my hearing might come about halfway to my previous hearing. and 3) I could really be deaf. Then he said that he had never heard of anyone have this happen in both ears at the very same time.

    Well, the next day. after my 1st 2 steroid pills, I was.sitting around by myself, zapp my hearing was back!!! I had to call one of my female munchkins and low and behold, I could hear her so clearly. Well my temporarily, non believing family were having a cow. : )

    Which leads me to my next favor. Would you mind saying another prayer for me? that our Lord, by His stripes, brings both of my ears to a 100 percent healing. If my loved ones were having a cow of my being brought back to my before hearng level of hearing, can you imagine how much the Lord's complete healing of my hearing up to 100 percent will affect them, not to mention the medical people : )?

    Then,if it's your will, I would love to have you pray our Lord will bring our Lord's followers off of their seats and into the streets, confidently, to share their testimonies with a blinding but a truly searching world of lost souls so they can hear "Well. done, good and.faithful servant" instead of " Be gone, I don't even know you!" on judgement day. We all can be saving one.or many more from the burning fires of hell and damnation. And finally I thank you so much for praying for me.And that.Lord.God Almighty will bring you all closer and closer to Him and filling you more and more with His presence, peace and love. XOXOXO
  • It's 8/14, within 8 hours from 9pm until around 7am 8/15 I went almost totally deaf! Been to specialist and no one had any conclusive answers.

    The only facts known was when a person goes deaf so quickly means. a) I could get back to somewhat the same hearing level I had before or b) I could go somewhat back to where I was or. c) I could be deaf or almost all deaf.

    They have never had it be both ears. I am at.peace and waiting for the Lord to let me know what are in His plans for me on this possible new path He may be taking me on. I am getting some of my hearing back so another miracle of total healing may be being added to my testimony. : ) You got me.

    Anyway, as of today everything being put on full volume There is a slight chance I could hear things, like you, different talks, sermons, whatever. If you have a prayer group would you like to have me in your prayers for a complete healing that I would be very grateful for. I feel like a complete healing is going to brought to full blossom soon. He is.also enabling me to.hear better bit by bit throughout this day. I will be satisfied what ever is His will. But I am claiming that By His stripes I healed. : )
  • A friend of ours dealing with cancer, she is Catholic
    We are believing with her for a complete healing, and for her eyes to be open to the truth of Gods Word. She is listening to Brother Hagins healing scripture CD and doing her rosary as well 😉 Thank you for your agreement and prayers
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