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  • Please pray for my husband's nephew, Chris. He is having issues with his sight coming and going and in pain behind his eyes. He went to UCSF for tests and they ran a bunch and still can not figure out what's wrong with him. He has three kids, 15, 12 and 8. He has so many dreams and this is really hard. He is a believer and active in his church which has been very supportive.
  • Mom fell Monday morning, 11/9/20, and broke her hip. She had surgery yesterday, (11/10/20), a successful partial hip replacement according to the surgeon. They had her up and walking this morning, pain free. She tested positive for C-19 but not severe. Thank you for your prayers and good thoughts for our momma. Blessings to you all!
  • Also pray for my husband, Jeff. He had foot surgery done two weeks ago, now he has a (blood) blister on his leg.
  • I have been really sick since last Monday. Everyone in my house has gotten better. Then my mother-in-law fell this morning. I called an ambulance. She broke her hip. Please pray for us, thank you.
  • Can you pray in agreement that rejection leaves- orphan spirit -was not wanted as a child -mostly siblings telling me I shouldn’t have been born -paranoia and sabotage people trying to ruin my business talking bad about me so I lose out on good opportunities because their own jealousy issues--body aches and pain -yo- yo -weight gain- and then I have the gift of discernment even stronger than ever.... so I can be protected from people that are trying to harm me and I don’t get into uncomfortable situations -that the Lord sends me the right people that are a blessing to me and I am a blessing to them- and that my esteem stays in check -that I represent God the way I am supposed to and stay strong and unmovable .let me be divinely protected from any upcoming evil forces that are trying to take me out in Jesus name. My husband and daughter go to the Lord that my husband opens his eyes that God is who we trust and that Jesus is Lord and my daughter walks in the right direction and has a good life here on earth as a child of God and that we can properly give to God‘s kingdom and have the resources beyond and that I can travel and spread joy and love and do my art and keep proper balance in all things and I can forgive people that hurt me -and not go back to those places and get mad /hurt all over again..,,Moving forward marching forward amen
  • I also need prayer for my sister. Doctors told her she has four years to live. She has a blood disease called essential thrombocythemia. She's my only sibling, and we are very close even though she lives in NY and I'm in CA. Thank you, all, for your prayers, and may God bless you in turn for praying for us.

    John Bruni
  • Title: Prayer request for trip-and-fall injury

    Message: Hi all - as I was about to head back to Fairfield from the house in San Carlos, I tripped on something. I managed to roll/fall sideways and avoid hitting my head on a corner of a concrete step. I landed flat on the side of my face but the point missed my temple, and really I don't have much to show for that. Unfortunately, it's looking pretty apparent that I did break a bone in my left thumb. I will be going to see the doctor and undoubtedly get x-rays, tomorrow. Due to the heart condition that I have, I definitely am staying away from the ER. Thus far, with Advil the thumb doesn't hurt much as long as I don't try to use it. I can't pinch a piece of paper between my thumb and forefinger or hit the space bar with it on a keyboard without instant pain. Thanks much for your prayers, and Cindy and I are praying for "y'all" too!!!

    Prayer Team
  • We just learned that our daughter, Sharman, is suicidal. She's been hospitalized for this in the past, but seemed to be stable for the last ten years or so. She hasn't been sleeping, and has been trying different meds for this with no success, so this may be contributing to the problem. The last time she was this way, doctors put her on a med that was miraculous in its effect and an answer to prayer. I look at it like insulin or the like: some people benefit from being on meds as well as prayer. In any case, Cindy and I are praying and need your prayers too. Sharman did, by the way, come to the Lord as a child. She's drifted, and I pray daily for her and my other children to draw back near to Him
  • Please pray for my mother, for her health, for the health and prosperity of my family
  • Pray for the Cross Out Sin, Sickness, and Debt live event. Pray for many people to be blessed as we nail their needs to the cross, Dec. 5-6.

Cross out list for Sarah Krivanek————My dad’s medical problems to be healed and him to finish his race well.My kids’ salvation: Breanna, Joshua, Tyler, James.Salvation for Andrei Vorobev.Financial prosperity for my dad and kids.A support system for myself in Russia.To be healed from alcoholism.To finish my race well and to know specifically what my assignment is here on the Earth.Financial prosperity for myself and not living ruble to ruble.To be successful at my teaching jobs in Russia and my Russian language to grow faster and better.
To get my Russian living permit so I can have medical services.I would like a car in Russia for commuting.I am burnt out and want Jesus to keep my candle lit.To be able to be a help to others.To be able to sleep again like a normal person.To walk in the Love and Gifts of the Holy Spirit more and more.To be a stronger prayer warrior for myself and others.Lose the weight I gained here in Russia.Jesus is Lord.