• Digestion issues. No hunger or appetite to eat much. Rashes on chest and back partially.
  • My daughter, Sharman, who we've been praising God for delivery from depression, needs prayer. She's a manager at a CVS store, and someone she works closely with was diagnosed with COVID. Sharman is now running a fever and not feeling well.
    Blessings in Christ,
    PS. Cindy's still experiencing a lot of pain.
  • Please pray for my son Tony and others from our church experiencing -fever, headaches, chills - not sure if covid - been tested but don't know the results. Pray for families wanting to come together for Thanksgiving. For wisdom what to do.

    Also pray for Jaime Campos - son of Reggie & Tony Campos in Florida - doctors have given up on him - they are christians and he has meningitis, aneurysm near brain, on blood thinner - blood clots and had a stroke. He is only in his forties. Pray for a miracle and for them to know how to pray for him with their church
  • While in line at the grocery store last night, (Fri. 11/19/20), preparing for Thanksgiving, the lady ahead of me didn't have quite enough money to get everything she wanted, so I helped her buy the rest of her groceries. She was extremely grateful and kept thanking me. I took the opportunity to tell her "God loves you, I just want you to know that." What a way to start Thanksgiving! I began praying for her after I left the store. The Lord reminded me she was not the only one who heard that. So pray for all who heard, please, that their eyes and ears are opened, that their hearts receive the gracious love of God, and that God will continue to send laborers and HE WILL CHASE THEM WITH HIS LOVE so they will know Him personally!

    And pray for me, that I will have more opportunities to share His love and be sensitive to them, right words in due season, wisdom and boldness.
    ZChurch has been a wonderful help for that! Used to only pray in tongues just privately. My family knew I believed in this but I just kept to myself with it. Now, I don't care if the whole block hears me praying in tongues!
  • I need deliverance from complications to my body from surgeries and cancer treatments. I need healing in my brain. It has been damaged by trauma and chemo. I need the damage to my liver from chemo to be healed. I need my intestines healed. I need a hernia to heal. I need my spine in my neck to be stabilized. I need strength to increase so I can go back to work. I need financial breakthrough and restoration. I need a car. I need a place to stay in the city God is leading me to move to, and finances for that move.
  • For Sharon's grandson, Harvey. He was diagnosed with autism. Harvey is 5, (almost 6) and has a brilliant mind. He reads at 3rd grade level, and has a phenomenal memory.
  • Thank you so much for praying for Ruby! She is definitely feeling better. Her ear infection has cleared up. She was given a vaccine shot yesterday so she was a little irritable.

    Ruby is about 18 months old, crawls and stands, doesn't walk yet. She also makes sounds but doesn't speak yet. She hasn't had a firm diagnosis because they do that at two years old but she has been assessed and is in an early intervention program for autistic kids because she is behind in her milestones. She was born with underdeveloped muscle tissue around her larynx that is stronger now, but it effected her breathing, eating, all sorts of things. Anyway, we are standing for Ruby's healing.
  • Chris goes in tomorrow (Fri 11/20/20) for a test to rule out Lyme disease. His wife is weary. The devil is tormenting Chris saying he is not a good husband and worthless which is a ridiculous lie. Please war with me to shut the devil's mouth!
  • Please agree with me that my children will get married to Jesus conscious spouses. They all have accepted Jesus as their Savior. They are baby Christians.
  • I am asking for prayer in agreement that my body aches and pains go away-I will I’m an avid walker and I love to exercise my knees hurt my hips hurt my feet hurt my arms hurt it’s like I got arthritis are struck -i’m gimping around like a decrepit person -with all kinds of pains but I also I’ve had a lot of mental hurts happen I don’t know if this is part of the repercussions but I pray it leaves and I regain my youth and health. That I stopped gaining weight and that I can get my metabolism back and be a healthy weight that my body is meant to have. Let this fat go to someone who needs it. I’ll keep the healthy youthful fat but the unhealthy unsightly fat needs to go it’s a burden and I don’t need it and I can’t believe how fast I gained it.
    I also want you to pray in agreement that I stop talking to people about my problems it has caused me nothing but anxiety and it has turned people against me it’s like I like to tell people about my issues like they have the answers. They turn around on me and resent me in the end and it’s like a sick game I need this to stop and I know that my Lord and Savior is the only one that can help me pray for my salvation I’ve had people say mean things like I will not step in to my destiny... devils after me... that I have a leviathan spirit ...that I have a trouble making spirit... implications that I’m going to hell... and a lying spirit mean things that are very discouraging yet they were all over me and it almost seemed like they -wanted to feed off of me too ...it’s a vicious cycle- I wanna make real friends that are supportive -edifying-Secure and mature- and if I do any correction it’s done in a very sweet way ...I’m not looking to have my ears tickled ..but I certainly don’t
    Need to be insulted.! I also need to be less sensitive pray for me that I can handle things better and let it go.
    Pray for my protection permanent protection on my family and myself and that we can live in freedom and that we can be blessed to be a blessing and this is the last time I will ask for a prayer in this department because I’ll stop doing these things in Jesus name amen. and that my business flourishes and I can continue to do my artistry for many more years to come and be very profitable and travel with it which I have had some but I would like more I’m a progressive type and that God will direct me and where to send my money he’ll send it and he’ll spend it!

Cross out list for Sarah Krivanek————My dad’s medical problems to be healed and him to finish his race well.My kids’ salvation: Breanna, Joshua, Tyler, James.Salvation for Andrei Vorobev.Financial prosperity for my dad and kids.A support system for myself in Russia.To be healed from alcoholism.To finish my race well and to know specifically what my assignment is here on the Earth.Financial prosperity for myself and not living ruble to ruble.To be successful at my teaching jobs in Russia and my Russian language to grow faster and better.
To get my Russian living permit so I can have medical services.I would like a car in Russia for commuting.I am burnt out and want Jesus to keep my candle lit.To be able to be a help to others.To be able to sleep again like a normal person.To walk in the Love and Gifts of the Holy Spirit more and more.To be a stronger prayer warrior for myself and others.Lose the weight I gained here in Russia.Jesus is Lord.