• Please pray for relief from nerve pain in my hands following surgery; also for significant joint pain in my hips after getting the second vaccine for Covid last Spring. Thank you!
  • Needing physical healing from chronic nerve pain
  • praying through a season of receiving provision in employment and finances in a purposeful place to witness and also to dance. I am a dancer. I just moved to NYC and have been diligently seeking work and planting seeds, but the harvest has been not flowing. I am really needing a breakthrough! Thank you so much 🙂
  • My bosses mom Olga has cancer. Stoma. Please pray for her. She is in Ukraine. who Himself bore our sins in His own body on the tree, that we, having died to sins, might live for righteousness— by whose stripes you were healed.
    I Peter 2:24 NKJV
    The scripture we can agree on.
  • I wont studder when I talk.
  • I wont struggle in school with my grammar.
  • Prayer agreement that my right breast biopsy result will be negative. NO Abnormalities in Jesus Migjty name!! The biopsy was done April 9th and the results will be back in about 6 days. Actually the biopsy was taken from my left breast. I know and believe that all is well and the results will be no abnormalities.
  • Prayer agreement that my right breast biopsy result will be negative. NO Abnormalities in Jesus Migjty name!! The biopsy was done April 9th and the results will be back in about 6 days.
  • I am asking for prayer reinforcements for an issue that needs to go away and never lived its ugly head again. I had made a mistake in 2019 and it is trying to rise up or had on Friday the 19th I received a bizarre letter but it fell off but I do not want to deal with any more trouble in fact I’m starting to get angry... I have repented... I am free !!! I have asked others to pray for me and I have prayed nonstop about this -you are a powerful group and I’m calling in reinforcements because it needs to be done with permanently. And anyone That has been made aware of this issue . I need every form condemnation lifted- I have forgiven myself but I need for this enemy to back off and people he’s using to try to torment me to back off and they can never mess with me or my family ever again or tries to do anything legally. I really can’t express how important this is because I can’t go back to feeling almost suicidal it had been so bad and my husband and daughter I don’t need to see this anymore.. i’m sure people are tired of me being insecure as I want to step into a wonderful new season and really show God what I can do because I have a lot of gifts and I intend to use them and I’m very grateful for the opportunities I have had but I am excited for this to be done I’ve learned my lesson. There are a few Christian acquaintances that know a bit about it and have I think branded me and I received a few word curses that I feel are very untrue and that I can forgive them one lady named Tarry said I was a dead woman suicidal lying jezabel doomed in a roundabout way but then on the same note has been someone I actually thought was a friend get rid of all confusion and let’s be edifying and lifting each other up! I also learn to shut my mouth. Be mindful about who I talk to about personal matters I ask for the gift of accelerated discernment and wisdom plus revelation. Using self control and not taking things so personally that spirit of offense I command it to leave now in Jesus name! Thank you for listening and praying in agreement here’s to a new blessed season ...amen in Jesus mighty name
  • My daughter,Katina has an interview on Tuesday,March 2nd for a T.V. show called Married at First Site. So, I am requesting prayer agreement that she will be chosen for the program. We are excited that the producers called her for an interview date. We believe she will be chosen. Thank you.