Prayer Wall

  • Our credit cards are being closed out and we will have to negotiate our debt please pray we will have Gods favor and it won’t be expensive!
    I’m also getting my drivers license renewed but there is a complication please pray I can get my license renewed! Please pray God will provide rent money! We’re on the verge of being homeless!
    We are also expecting a big check for my mom please pray it will come ASAP!
    God bless!
  • Our whole family got sick
  • My daughter returned home from Mexico Wednesday and on Saturday diagnosed with CV19. Pleased agree in 🙏 prayer.that the symptoms will be gone out of body, she is healed in Jesus name. She is vaccinated with 2 shots. So the Medical advice was for her yo stay home in isolation, unless things get very severe. Pray that my family can have Christmas together. Jesus help Please have mercy!!
  • I have a condition that is called Sjogrens and it has affected my heart lungs adrenal glands thyroid and stomach. I had covid recently and condition has worsened. I also need deliverance from fear. Thank you
  • In 2000 I was diagnosed with MS, it affects my right side of my body. I have lost strength in my right hand and I drag my right leg. I. Believe in miracles. I believe that God can performa miracle in my body. Please help me pray. Thank you
  • Please pray for relief from nerve pain in my hands following surgery; also for significant joint pain in my hips after getting the second vaccine for Covid last Spring. Thank you!
  • Needing physical healing from chronic nerve pain
  • praying through a season of receiving provision in employment and finances in a purposeful place to witness and also to dance. I am a dancer. I just moved to NYC and have been diligently seeking work and planting seeds, but the harvest has been not flowing. I am really needing a breakthrough! Thank you so much :)
  • My bosses mom Olga has cancer. Stoma. Please pray for her. She is in Ukraine. who Himself bore our sins in His own body on the tree, that we, having died to sins, might live for righteousness— by whose stripes you were healed.
    I Peter 2:24 NKJV
    The scripture we can agree on.
  • I wont studder when I talk.
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Cross out list for Sarah Krivanek————My dad’s medical problems to be healed and him to finish his race well.My kids’ salvation: Breanna, Joshua, Tyler, James.Salvation for Andrei Vorobev.Financial prosperity for my dad and kids.A support system for myself in Russia.To be healed from alcoholism.To finish my race well and to know specifically what my assignment is here on the Earth.Financial prosperity for myself and not living ruble to ruble.To be successful at my teaching jobs in Russia and my Russian language to grow faster and better.
To get my Russian living permit so I can have medical services.I would like a car in Russia for commuting.I am burnt out and want Jesus to keep my candle lit.To be able to be a help to others.To be able to sleep again like a normal person.To walk in the Love and Gifts of the Holy Spirit more and more.To be a stronger prayer warrior for myself and others.Lose the weight I gained here in Russia.Jesus is Lord.