Dangers of False Faith

Faith Versus Presumption and Assumption 

Presumption means to suppose something to be true based upon evidence. For example: “I know God is answering my prayer because I saw a double rainbow over a candy store, today.” This kind of faulty reasoning is common among immature Christians (almost all end-time prophecies are presumptuous).

Assumption means to suppose something to be true without any evidence. A sad example, the Holy Land is a magnet for delusional Christians who have messianic complexes. They all believe they were chosen to facilitate the return of the Lord. It’s psychosis.

A Real-life Example of Spiritual Foolishness:

An emergency room doctor summoned me to the hospital. A couple who claimed to be members of my church would not allow the doctor to treat their infant who was in septic shock. They claimed God would heal their baby, by faith.

I immediately discerned what was happening. These people were not members of my church. They were church hoppers who had popped into my church twice, and they were fools.

I told them their baby would be dead before morning and it would be their fault. They said, “No, we have faith!”

I said, “No you don’t. You live in your car, you have no job, you’re dirty, you’re lazy, and tomorrow you’ll have the added guilt of having killed your child.”

They started crying, but I ignored their tears. I cared more for the child than their feelings. “This doctor can save your baby with antibiotics. Now, sign the consent and let this good doctor treat your baby!”

They signed the consent, and the baby lived.

The doctor thanked me, and he credited me with saving the child’s life.

Some Prophet’s Have Weirdo Magnets

One of the occupational hazards of having a prophetic ministry is the attraction it has for foolish and presumptive people. That’s why I stress wisdom and the balance of the supernatural with the natural. I tell people I’m a supernaturally-normal prophet.

I can help some marginalized people. Others will leave me and attach themselves to spurious prophets who cater to the delusional.

Stick with me a year and you’ll discover that I may be the most practical prophet you’ll ever meet. I hold myself and my partners to high standards. I don’t want people to bring shame and pain to the Lord, to the ministry, or to themselves (or to me).

Many people rank prophets by how wild and far-fetched their prophecies are. Not me. The job of the New Testament, Prophet of Grace, is to build people up and help them grow up and to further their knowledge of Jesus.


I manage a Facebook Group called, The Prophet’s House. It’s a great group of wonderful, Spirit-filled Believers who fellowship online and celebrate the Spirit-filled life. I’m responsible for the content. I correct people (privately) who post spiritual drivel. I temporarily silence first-time offenders (1-3 days). I block those who blatantly create confusion. As much as I love our Facebook Group, I’ll shut it down before I’ll allow it to be overrun by flaky people.


God Exalts His Word Above His Name

Above all, I’m a teacher of the Word. Yes, as a prophet, I minister the Word of God with the aid of inspirational gifts. However, here’s a promise to my partners: Ambassador Huggins will never exalt the prophetic word above the emphatic Word 

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