March 9, 2023

What I Learned from Kenneth E. Hagin by Larry Huggins

\"... under Kenneth Hagin, I learned the mechanics of faith. However, that’s not what impacted my life the most. It was when he taught me who I am in Christ that my life changed dramatically.\"
November 7, 2022

Amazing In Him Facts #1

Taken from the message \”Forty-Nine Years of Miracle Ministry \”\’in Christ\’\” –
August 20, 2022

A Suitable Place to Win

ZChurch service for August 20, 2022 This is the full service where there was more special ministry by the Holy Spirit in our afterglow. For the […]
July 29, 2022

Rehearsing the Goodness of God by Sharon Stark

"He (David) was rehearsing what God had done in the past, and it gave him strength to face the giant in today."
May 19, 2022

While I Am Standing, Part Two by Sabrina Calhoun

"As I am standing through tough times, I write declarations of perseverance in poetry form. I pray this strengthens you as it does me."
April 21, 2022

Jesus Was Not Homeless, Part 17 by Larry Huggins

"Pour over the will of God. Discover everything that the last will and testament of Jesus Christ has guaranteed you. Place a demand upon your inheritance, by faith, and live within your rights and privileges."
April 13, 2022

Jesus Was Not Homeless, Part 15 by Larry Huggins

"Jesus didn't sin. He had to be in faith. Therefore, He was clothed well. If He wasn't clothed well, then He didn't live in the promise, and if He didn't live in the promise, then He didn't fulfill the Word."
April 13, 2022

Jesus Was Not Homeless, Part 14 by Larry Huggins

"Jesus had a nice house. Why not you? He was wealthy. Why not you? You’re entitled to have nice things. Just take care not to come under bondage to anything. Choose, instead, to rule and reign in life, by Christ Jesus."
April 7, 2022

Resume by JP Quianzon

"I said gently, "I hope that you don't allow your friend to write a resume like that for you." With a hint of timidity, she asked, "Why not?"