Chris Holm

February 8, 2024

Trading Places, Part Two by Chris Holm

"None of this stuff works if you don’t believe. If you’re uncomfortable not having anything to do, you can always go back to religion with its long list of dos and don’ts, otherwise known as the Law. We all know how that worked out for us."
February 1, 2024

Trading Places, Part One by Chris Holm

"God does all the heavy lifting. His grace (ability) works in lieu of our human effort. Any attempt to accomplish his will for your life via your own effort will only sabotage God’s grace. (Galatians 2:21) This is where faith comes in."
July 21, 2021

APPROVED! by Chris Holm

"You may have noticed no effort was required on your part in becoming righteous. It’s a gift. Quit trying so hard to get God’s attention by trying to establish your own righteousness and begin, once again, to enjoy the unbearable lightness of His Grace."