February 7, 2023

You can live in victory. Here’s how.

Taken from the message “Overcoming Temptations, Tests, and Trials” – https://youtu.be/roe6epHN3oM
November 25, 2022

Are You Exercising Your Authority 4

March 23, 2022

Character 101 by Christine Smith

"We are to grow up and mature in Jesus and be what He has for us to be."
March 20, 2021

Twelve Yoke of Oxen – A Character Study of Elisha

Zchurch Service for March 20, 2021 You can be the kind of person that God will bless with a double portion of His anointing, as Elisha. […]
January 28, 2021

God Is Love by Tim Christensen

“...the essence of God is love. The true character of God is love. And when you get to know God, you know that for sure.”