June 2, 2022

Jesus Was Always the King, Part Five by Larry Huggins

"The scribe assumed He could keep up with Jesus everywhere He went. Jesus made a point that life on the road isn't for everyone. Look at the context. The scribe was not asking to visit Jesus' home. He was asking to accompany Him on His ministry journeys."
April 21, 2022

Jesus Was Not Homeless, Part 16 by Larry Huggins

"Religion says, if you like nice things or have good taste, that you’re being materialistic. Wrong again. Having things is not materialism. Materialism is using a physical thing to satisfy a spiritual or emotional need."
April 13, 2022

Jesus Was Not Homeless, Part 14 by Larry Huggins

"Jesus had a nice house. Why not you? He was wealthy. Why not you? You’re entitled to have nice things. Just take care not to come under bondage to anything. Choose, instead, to rule and reign in life, by Christ Jesus."