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March 9, 2024

What’s in a Name?

ZChurch Message for March 9, 2024 (full service:    • What’s in a Name?  ) Drawing inspiration from Shakespeare’s timeless question, Pastor Loretta Huggins explores “What’s in a Name?” In Proverbs 18:10, […]
March 2, 2024

Don’t Be a Dry Land Fish!

ZChurch Message for March 2, 2024 (full service:    • Don’t Be a Dry Land Fish!  ) What do dry land fish dream of? They dream of being free, living in the sea of […]
February 24, 2024

Getting a New Covenant Perspective

ZChurch Message for February 24, 2024 (full service:    • Getting A New Covenant Perspective  ) Imagine yourself in a time of prayer in the presence of God. Now imagine that in the […]
February 17, 2024

Miracles Are as Easy as 1-2-3

ZChurch Message for February 17, 2024 (full service:    • Miracles Are as Easy as 1-2-3  ) Pastor Larry Huggins states “In my 50 years of international miracle ministry, I have learned the secret […]
February 10, 2024

The Blood of Christ: Our Defense

ZChurch Message for February 10, 2024 (full service:    • The Blood of Christ: Our Defense  ) In this message, Pastor Loretta Huggins delves into the profound significance of the blood of Christ. As […]
February 3, 2024

Mountain, Are You Listening to Me?

ZChurch Message for February 3, 2024 (full service:    • Mountain, Are You Listening to Me?  ) Don’t worry, we’ve all been there. But there’s help. You can move mountains if you know three […]
January 20, 2024

The Power of Three Words

ZChurch Message for January 20, 2024 Associate Pastor Sharon Stark shares a message that revolves around a warning spoken by Jesus in just three words. While […]