Video archive of ZChurch services

September 11, 2021

How Much More…

ZChurch Message for September 11, 2021 (see full service at https://youtu.be/jYTg3D6hzy0) Pastor Loretta Huggins will be ministering from Hebrews 9:13-14 on Saturday. This message will deeply […]
September 4, 2021

The Arrow of Faith

ZChurch message for September 4, 2021 (full service here: https://youtu.be/ngZD681HZJ0) Faith has a direction. The question is which way the arrow of your faith is going. […]
August 14, 2021

Teach Us To Number Our Days

ZChurch Message for August 14, 2021 (see full service at https://youtu.be/k0pEbobyiRg) Psalm 90:12 So teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart […]
August 7, 2021

The Name Above All Names

ZChurch Message for August 7, 2021 (see full service at https://youtu.be/XQDNL1byxc0) Every situation in your life has a name. Nevertheless the Name of our Lord and […]
July 31, 2021

A Visit to God’s Storehouse

ZChurch Message for July 31, 2021 (see full service at https://youtu.be/yTuHspH9eAU) God has a place filled with wonderful things that are available to every believer, just […]
July 24, 2021


ZChurch Message for July 24, 2021 (see full service at https://youtu.be/F4t6nBp1ksk) S.O.S. is the abbreviation for SAVE OUR SHIP, the international distress signal. When people are […]
July 17, 2021

The Joy of Serving God

ZChurch Message for July 17, 2021 (for full service click here: https://youtu.be/CFXYaiK0e78) 1 Corinthians 16:15 I beseech you, brethren, (ye know the house of Stephanas, that […]