December 4, 2020

Grace to Forgive by Loretta Huggins

"In bygone years, I allowed bitter roots to grow in me. Those years of deep-rooted resentment were hard to bear because the anger was poisonous to my entire being. It was paramount for me to change my life because the unresolved emotions affected my relationships with family, friends, colleagues, and myself. I decided to pray for the grace to help me forgive the offenders ..."
November 26, 2020

Grace-a-fication: Shields Up, Captain! by Loretta Huggins

"The Apostle of Grace, Paul, taught grace: he used the word grace more than one hundred times in his epistles. Paul depended on grace, entirely. Paul tells the Corinthians that while in Asia, he faced more trouble than he could handle, even to the point that he despaired of life. And he admits that in desperation, he begged God to relieve him from the attacks of the enemy. And Jesus Christ's response to his prayer is quite interesting..."
December 16, 2018

Transition: Let Go and Hold On

  Philippians 3:13-14 Brethren, I count not myself to have apprehended: but this one thing I do, forgetting those things which are behind, and reaching forth […]
December 9, 2018

John 3:16 Whosoever Believeth into Him

  The Christian life is not merely believing that Jesus exists, but is the reality of letting faith take us “into” him.  
November 25, 2018

John 3:16 God Gave His Only Begotten Son

  Jesus is the perfect human being and we are destined to be conformed to him. Jesus is God’s blueprint for humanity.  
November 18, 2018

John 3:16 For God so Loved the Cosmos

  Ambassador Huggins teaches from John 3:16 and asks “Whats in Your Universe?”  
September 2, 2018

45 Years of Full Time Ministry and Where the Lord Is Taking Us

August 26, 2018

Prayer Language Secrets Part 3

August 19, 2018

Prayer Language Secrets Part 2