March 18, 2022

Jesus Was Not Homeless, Part Nine by Larry Huggins

"We know by reading the previous verses that Jesus and His disciples had just arrived in Capernaum. Before they stepped into Jesus' house, someone asked Peter a baited question about their taxes..."
March 7, 2022

Jesus Was Not Homeless, Part Eight by Larry Huggins

"Jesus made His home in Capernaum, not Nazareth. Why refer to Him as a carpenter from Nazareth? That’s inaccurate. It would be more accurate to call Him the Prince from Galilee, or the King-in-waiting who lived in a great house in Capernaum. "
February 1, 2022

Jesus Was Not Homeless by Larry Huggins, Part One

"The truth is, Jesus lived as a King because He was the King of Israel and the Heir Apparent to the Throne of David. Even though He was not coronated and He was not seated on an earthly throne, He was, without dispute, the King of Kings."