Articles and vlogs by our pastors and ZTeam members.

March 16, 2023

Worshiping God: A Key to Personal Growth and Self-Improvement by Loretta Huggins

"Worshiping God is the first step towards acquiring this type of knowledge and wisdom. The fear of the Lord mentioned in verse seven does not refer to fear in the sense of danger or punishment but rather deep respect and reverence for God’s power and authority."
March 10, 2023

Open Up Your Heart to the Lord Strong and Mighty by Loretta Huggins

"... A vivid description of the God of all grace. It is powerful and symbolic, extolling the glory of God and the reverence that is due to Him. The Psalm calls on the gates and ancient doors to be opened wide to receive the King of glory."
March 2, 2023

God of All Grace by Loretta Huggins

"...1 Peter 5:10 speaks of the one and only God of all grace. He is powerful and compassionate. He has called us to His eternal glory through Christ Jesus. He gives His grace freely for our safety, our vocation, and for living a good life."